What is Pricehack?

Pricehack is our split ticketing technology which saves you money by combining several cheap train tickets for a UK rail journey, whether it be single or return. In most cases you'll stay on the same train, and often the same seat, but will have different tickets for different segments of your journey. Split tickets can reduce the cost of a journey dramatically. They are legal and valid, and you have the same passenger rights as you would with a non-split, traditional ticket. 


How does Pricehack work?

Pricehack works by finding multiple cheap train tickets for a one-way journey, instead of just one. For example, if you travel from London to Bangor, instead of one ticket, you may have tickets from London to Crewe, Crewe to Chester and Chester to Bangor. We'll find the cheapest fare for each segment. Again, you may never need to leave your train or seats.

Pricehack is available for all fares including Advance, Off Peak, and Super Off Peak. If you have tickets which permit travel on trains other than the ones you've booked, such as an Off Peak fare, you'll need to make sure your journey calls at all the split points. 

Most Pricehack tickets are mobile, so you can store them in your phone. However, please note that the ticket delivery method must be the same for the entire journey, so if mobile tickets aren't available for one leg, you'll only have the option of collect-at-station for the entire journey. 

You can find non-Pricehack fares by clicking the "down" arrow under the ticket price:

Commission fee

A commission fee is the small share Rail Europe collects from the amount you save with a Pricehack journey. This amount funds our split ticketing technology, and helps us find even more ways to bring you cheap train tickets. 

Refunds, exchanges & claims

The advantage of Pricehack is that you can save a lot of money. The disadvantage is that you may not get as much back if you claim a refund when compared with a traditional ticket. This is because the fare conditions apply to each individual ticket.

Pricehack tickets are the same as other UK train tickets, but you may have a mix of different types for your journey. For example, Advance fares are non-refundable, but an Anytime Day Single can be refunded with a £10 fee. You could have both types of fares for one journey, and you could only refund the specific ticket that permits it. 

Pricehack tickets involve no difference in how you are treated by the Train Operating Company (TOC) in getting to your destination and in regards to Delay Repay, which is governed by the National Conditions of Carriage and agreed by the Rail Delivery Group (RDG). In short, if your train is delayed or cancelled then you may be entitled to compensation regardless of whether your ticket is a split ticket or a regular one. 

For more information, please see the following Help articles: 

If your train was cancelled, please contact by clicking "More Help" on the bottom right of the screen, and we'll be happy to assist.