How to collect UK train tickets bought online

Collecting your UK tickets from the train station is easy if you follow the instructions in this guide.

Collecting self-service tickets

Here's what you need to do to use self-service train ticket machines in the UK:

  • Enter any valid bank card, then remove it when prompted. You won't be charged.
  • Type in your ticket collection reference(s). E.g. "ABCD1234".
  • Wait for all of your tickets to print, including your collection receipt.
  • Check the printing tray and make sure you have all of your tickets before you walk away.

UK tickets can be collected from any ticket machine at any station in the UK. You don't have to go to the departure station.

Collecting UK train tickets without a card

If you forgot your payment card, don't worry! Any valid bank card can be used to collect UK train tickets; it doesn't have to be the card you used for payment. This also applies to PayPal purchases. We do not share payment information with the rail operator so they do not have your payment card details. 

This means you can buy a UK train ticket for someone else to collect. 

I lost my train tickets, can I reprint? 

Unfortunately, once you've collected your UK train tickets, they cannot be reissued. You will need to buy new ones and claim the cost of your original ones with your travel insurer. 

In case of refund request you will need to photograph, scan or post your tickets when you submit your claim. Consequently please keep them carefully.