Can I earn or redeem loyalty points?

There are a number of loyalty schemes offered by various rail operators, for example Eurostar's Frequent Traveller, Thalys' TheCard and a range of Bahncards in Germany. Rail Europe doesn't support all of these schemes at the moment, but we are working with rail operators to enable these for our users in future. 


Deutsche Bahn: BahnCard/BahnBonus

  • If you have a BahnCard 25, BahnCard 50 or BahnCard 100,  these can be added to your order on Rail Europe via the railcards menu. Any bookings made will accrue points. See Using Railcards for more information. 
  • Alternatively, you can add points to your BahnCard after booking by emailing a copy of the ticket and the BahnCard number to
  • Points can be redeemed as discounts against new purchases or via the BahnBonus homepage

Eurostar: Club Eurostar

  • In the past there were two loyalty schemes at Eurostar: Frequent Traveller and Plus Points. These have now been merged into one scheme called Club Eurostar. In this scheme travellers can earn one point for every £1 spent. 
  • It is not currently possible to earn Club Eurostar points during the booking process on Rail Europe. However, it is possible to claim them retrospectively on Eurostar's website up to 90 days after travelling. To claim the points, you will need to use  "IV" reference number on the bottom of the ticket. Please note, Eurostar Club points cannot be claimed for journeys that are part of Deutsche Bahn London Spezial tickets. 

Thalys: TheCard

  • Rail Europe does not currently allow users to earn points for Thalys TheCard. 
  • It is not possible to redeem TheCard points against purchases on Rail Europe. 

SNCF: Voyageur

  • Rail Europe does not currently allow users to earn points for SNCF Voyageur frequent travellers. 
  • It is not possible to redeem Voyageur points against purchases on Rail Europe.