How to put a train ticket reservation on hold

Train ticket reservations are put on hold when you add train tickets to your basket. They are then held until you buy them or they expire. The length of time that you can hold tickets in your basket varies depending on the rail operator and fare type. 

Please note that you must have an account to hold tickets. 

How long can I hold my tickets for?

Discounted, or promotional tickets can only be held for a short time. Full-cost fares can be held for a few hours, sometimes days. The exact time period is specified by the rail operator depending on the type and price of tickets.

When you add tickets to your basket they will be held for the time shown. 

Once you reserve tickets, you will benefit from the following:

Fixed price. You will be protected from any increase in price for those tickets.
Guaranteed seat reservations. This gives you time to check the seating plan for your train.
Unlimited basket capacity. You can add as many tickets to your basket as you like. If you chose not to buy them, we won’t charge you.
If you're creating a complex itinerary with lots of tickets, you may not have time to add all tickets to your basket and complete checkout before each item expires. 

What happens if I change my mind?

If you decide not to buy the tickets that you've put on hold, you don't have to do anything. You aren't obliged to buy tickets you hold in your basket, and you can delete them at any time.

Once the reservation time is up your tickets will disappear from your basket. However, you can delete your tickets from your basket at any time by clicking the rubbish bin icon alongside the unwanted item.