Confirmation email not received

When your booking is successful, we will display a page containing a summary of your order and send your booking confirmation email to you. It should arrive within a few minutes of placing your order, so please check your inbox before leaving the confirmation page.

If you don't receive your confirmation email

Check your junk mail - some spam filters prevent our emails reaching your inbox. Search for an email from If you find the email in junk please mark it as 'not junk' to ensure safe delivery in the future.
Check other email addresses - did you enter a different email address during booking?
Re-send it via your account - once you've signed in or signed up, locate the order and resend the email to yourself. See below for details:
Resending your confirmation email

You can resend your confirmation email from your account. Simply select the order from your upcoming journeys and click "Re-send confirmation email":

Even if you didn't register for an account when you placed your order, you can use the same email address to register later and we'll add all of your previous orders to your new account.

Thalys ticket not received

Thalys tickets are issued directly by the rail operator, separately to the confirmation email from Rail Europe, and should be received within a few minutes of completing your purchase.

Tickets are delivered from the email address If you don't receive them soon after placing your order, search for an email from this address, including in any junk/spam folders.

If you still haven't received your tickets, you can retrieve your tickets from the Thalys website. Enter your PNR reference and surname into the "Tickets" section at the top of the homepage. Then you will be able to print or resend your tickets to the same email.