Rail Europe booking fee

For seven years, Loco2 (now Rail Europe) was able to offer our customers train tickets without any booking fees. Sadly, this business model was not sustainable, and in September 2019 we added a booking fee to all journeys except domestic UK. 

Note that you will not be charged a fee for orders costing less than £15/€15/$15. 

Why do you charge a booking fee? 

We make only a very small commission on each order, and that commission isn't enough to cover our costs. Without a booking fee, our business could not be sustained. 

This fee also allows us to bring you better technology, such as Pricehack (our split ticketing system), mobile tickets, and top-notch customer support. Our booking platform is second to none and makes booking international rail journeys fast and simple. Charging a fee means we can continue to improve our service and remain one of Europe's best rail booking platforms. 

Do you add a booking fee per item or per order? 

The fee is charged only once per order. That means if you have five different journeys in your basket, the fee is only added once

Do you charge a booking fee on all journeys? 

No. We do not charge a booking fee for domestic UK journeys.

Note that if you book a Pricehack fare we collect a small part of your savings, but this is different from a booking fee. 

Is the booking fee refundable? 

Unfortunately, the booking fee is non-refundable regardless of your ticket's fare conditions. 

Once you rebrand to Rail Europe, will there be fees on all your new websites, i.e., your German and Spanish sites? 

Yes, we will apply the same pricing and fee to all of our new sites. 

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