Submitting a claim to ÖBB

Here is how to claim for a cancelled or delayed ÖBB train. If your ÖBB journey was delayed, you may be able to claim compensation if the delay can be attributed to the operator.


Required details & documents

To claim from ÖBB please use the following link and select the relevant section:

Information to prepare before hand: 

  • Your booking details Please include your Rail Europe booking reference (it begins with "RE-"), provider reference, passenger names and your train number. (You can find this in your Rail Europe booking confirmation email, e.g. Railjet 545.)
  • Details of your disruption Please include information about the length of the delay, or any other relevant details. 
  • Receipts for any other expenses incurred (if applicable) If applicable, you should submit receipts for expenses in accordance with the Conditions of Carriage, e.g. alternative transport/taxi receipt, or a hotel bill if overnight accommodation was necessary. A photo/scan of these documents is acceptable, but we recommend retaining the original copies until your claim is resolved.

Illness / Bereavement

ÖBB may consider a refund if a passenger is hospitalised on the date of travel, or if you experience bereavement of an immediate family member. You must provide a hospital note, a doctor's letter stating you cannot travel, or a copy of a death certificate.

Additional expenses

You should always claim via your travel insurance company first, if you have coverage. ÖBB will only consider (but not guarantee) refunds for unavoidable expenses incurred as a direct result of their delayed or cancelled train. For example:

  • Overnight accommodation.
  • Transport between the station and your accommodation.

ÖBB will not cover any other expenses.

If you need to make a claim for additional expenses, you should add a short explanation and attach supporting documents in your message to ÖBB.