Submitting a claim to SNCF

If you've booked with another Rail Europe site, such as, the process for submitting a claim may be different. Please contact the site on which you booked, or click "More Help" on the bottom right side of the screen to message us.

If your French train is delayed or cancelled, you can submit a claim directly to SNCF for a refund. The following guidelines will assist you.

This article applies to all customers who book SNCF tickets (including TGV, TGV-Lyria etc). A different process applies to Renfe-SNCF trains between France and Spain e.g. from Paris to Barcelona. For these, see Submitting a claim to Renfe.


How do I submit a claim?

Online: Submit your claim directly to SNCF.
You can submit claims for delayed TGV or Intercités trains using SNCF's online form. The form is in French so if you don't feel confident, use Google Translate to view it in your own language.

You will need your PNR reference to hand (e.g. QTHYLT), which can be found in your Rail Europe account, confirmation email or tickets.

How will the refund be paid?

You have two options:
  • Voucher
    For delays less than 60 minutes. SNCF will email the voucher code to you directly and explain how to use it. Vouchers are usually valid for one year.
  • Bank transfer
    For delays longer than 60 minutes. You can request a bank transfer to receive your compensation. Just select Virement (transfer) from the "type de compensation" menu and enter your bank details - BIC code and IBAN number. You can usually find these numbers on your bank statement, but ask your bank if you're aren't sure

How do I claim for additional expenses?

Always check if your travel insurance provider can award compensation first.

SNCF will only consider (but not guarantee) refunds for overnight accommodation and transport between the station and accommodation. All other expenses should be pursued with your travel insurance provider.

Online: Submit your claim for additional expenses online.

Select " Le problème concerne - Voyage > Trafic Pertubé > Prise en charge".
When prompted, add your comments in French (using Google Translate) and attach any supporting documents (e.g. hotel/taxi receipt) to your claim.

How do I claim for a regional train?

If your tickets are for travel on a regional train ( TER), you will need to submit a claim to the specific regional authority directly. This map will help you figure out which one.

Once you've found the relevant authority, you can submit your claim by post or online using the contact details on SNCF's website.