Swiss Half Fare Card


The Card

The Swiss Half Fare Card entitles visitors to travel by train, bus and boat, and most mountain railways at half price. It has a validity of one month. Validity ends at 05.00 hrs the morning after the pass expiry date.

The Swiss Half Fare Card is available as an e-ticket to persons with residence outside Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. 

Passes are given a start date at time of purchase. This is the first date of travel and the pass will only be valid from this date.

The Swiss Half Fare Card is refundable up to one day before the first day of validity. From the first day of validity, it will be 85% refundable if not used. If the pass has been used in any way, there will be no refund possible. 


  • Up to 50% discount on travel by train, bus and boat, and most mountain railways.
  • 50% discount on use of public transportation in more than 90 towns and cities.
  • Children from 6-16 years (The age with regards to the Family card is the 16th birthday. After the 16th birthday, until their 25th birthday, they are eligible for a Youth Card) who are accompanied by at least one parent (holding a valid Swiss Half Fare Card and corresponding ticket), travel free of charge with the complimentary Swiss Family Card.
  • Children under 6 years of age travel free of charge.

How to book it?

The Swiss Half Fare Card is available on our website.

  • In the "Rail passes" booking search, please select "Switzerland" in the "country to visit":

  • On the "Results" page, select the Swiss Half Fare Card: 

Click on "Pass conditions" to view the Swiss Half Fare Card details and conditions.

  • To book the Swiss Half Fare Card, click on Pass Details. Then enter the traveler details and click on Add to Basket. You'll be able to find the product details you booked during all the booking process and check the details and conditions.
  • You'll receive a PDF ticket by email after purchase. Please print it before departure and present it during your journey. 

How to book discounted tickets?

The Swiss Half Fare Card entitles passengers to travel at half price. Discounted tickets are available on our website

  • In the "Train & bus tickets" booking search, please click on "Add railcard":

  • Please select the "Swiss Half Fare Card", confirm, and start your search:

  • Then select your ticket, enter the traveler details, and Add to Basket.

Throughout the whole booking process, you'll be able to find the discounted tickets details and check the fare conditions.