Eurail/Interrail - How to Pass station gates & Barcode scanning countries

The below gives an overview of countries that have gates to enter/leave the station or platform. Passholders can sometimes use their mobile barcode, but may also need to ask support from station staff at some locations. Please see instructions below.



  • List of countries that you can open the gates with the barcode mobile pass.

France (SNCF)

Gate at TER train stations

Barcode mobile Pass can be used to open the gate

Italia (Trenitalia)

Gate at larger stations

Barcode mobile Pass can be used to open the gates


Gate at most stations

Barcode mobile Pass can be used to open the gates

Note: Iphone, Andriod and NFC challenge

Travellers that use the Wallet option of their phone will have difficulties showing the barcode ticket at the NS gates. Due to NFC (Near Field Communication), the bank/credit card will pop-up when holding the Iphone close to the gate. This makes it impossible to show the mPass barcode.

NS gates workaround:


-          Go to Settings > Connected devices

-          Toggle the NFC switch to Off


-          Not possible to switch NFC off ( Note: App team is aware and it is on their backlog to look at a solution)

-          Such travellers should make use of the Information Pole / Column, push the information button and ask support for opening the gates.


You can refer to the below list for countries that you  cannot open the gates with the barcode.

  • List of countries that you cannot open the gates with the barcode mobile pass.


    Brussels Airport trains Zaventem

    Any journey to/from Airport Zaventum requires the traveller to pay a separate ticket (so-called Diablo fee) to pass a gate at Zaventem Airport.  It is a standard fee that can be paid at machines, ticket window or the B-rail here. Current tariff 5,70 EUR.

    Great Britain (RDG)

    London Underground stations

    Barcode mobile Pass cannot be used. Interrail or Eurail are not valid on London Underground services.

    National Rail stations: Mobile Pass Barcodes cannot be used to open the gates on the National Rail network of Great Britain directly, however, Passes are accepted at the side gate* (see image) of any gated station on the network. Please as a member of staff who will visually validate your pass and allow access.

    *Side gate.
    Every gateline has barriers for customers to go through but for wheelchairs and pushchairs there is an accessible “side gate” which is larger. Staff members wait to help people through at this gate. it’s the gate people go to for assistance. The others smaller ones are for fast throughput and are called barriers. At these side gates Interrail and Eurail customers will be let through.

    Greece (TRAINOSE)

    Gate at Athens Airport Station. Barcode mobile Pass cannot be used.

    Ireland (IE)

    Gate at all stations in Ireland have gates.

    Mobile Pass cannot be used to open the gates.

    To open the gate, IR/ER Passholders need to request support from station staff

    o   In larger stations there are ticket inspectors at the gate who can do a visible inspection

    o   On barrier only stations, there is CCTV and the barriers usually have an open gate for train travellers to access our services 

    Portugal (CP)

    Gate at many stations

    Barcode mobile Pass cannot be used.

    To open the gate, IR/ER Passholders need to request support from station staff

    Spain (RENFE)

    Gate at stations for some local lines

    Barcode mobile Pass cannot be used.

    There is a number of stations with access gates. In these stations, customers can ask the staff to open them by showing the pass (and the seat reservation if necessary). In case there’s no staff at the station, the gates will be permanently open or will open automatically.


    The below gives an overview of countries that use ticket inspection devices that can read our Barcodes. There is also a number of countries that inspect the ticket using so-called Visual Validation by checking the readable content on the ticket.

    Carriers scanning the barcode

    Country Carrier
    1 Czech Republic CD
    2 France SNCF
    3 Germany DB
    4 Hungary MAV
    5 Netherlands NS
    6 Austria OeBB
    7 Poland PKP
    8 Switzerland SBB
    9 Turkey TCDD
    10 Slovakia ZSSK

    Carriers using a code check

    Country Carrier
    1 Portugal CP

    Carriers using visual validation

    Country Carrier
    1 Belgium SNCB/NMBS
    2 Bulgaria BDZ
    3 Bosnia Herzegovina ZFBH
    4 Croatia HZ
    5 Denmark DSB
    6 Estonia Elron
    7 Finland VR
    8 Great Britain National Rail
    9 Greece Trainose
    10 Ireland Irish Rail / NI railways
    11 Italy Trenitalia
    12 Latvia PV
    13 Lituania Litrail
    14 Luxembourg CFL
    15 North Macedonia MZ
    16 Montenegro ZCG
    17 Norway Vy
    18 Romania CFR
    19 Serbia SV
    20 Slovenia SZ
    21 Spain Renfe
    22 Sweden Silverrail/SJ