Fixing a mistake in a booking

If you have made a mistake with your booking, such as entered a wrong passenger name, date of birth or booking identification details (for Deutsche Bahn bookings) then your tickets may not be valid for travel depending on the fare conditions of the tickets you have purchased.

Unfortunately, we are unable to change tickets that have been issued, so once an order has been placed the only way to correct the relevant details is to apply for a refund if permitted by the fare conditions and make a new booking.
If the fare conditions of your booked tickets do not allow refunds you may choose to travel with your existing tickets, but we cannot be held liable if you are refused travel. You may be liable to pay a fine or be asked to purchase a new full fare ticket on the train.
If you have entered the wrong email address this is not a problem; you can contact us to correct it.

I haven't received my confirmation email, what should I do?

We have a separate Help article, Confirmation email not received, with details on what to do if you never received a confirmation email for your successful order.